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Can WD 40 clean bearings?

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How to Clean Skateboard Bearings - LiveAboutFeb 8, 2019 — You can clean your bearings without removing them, but you won't get WD-40 and other cheaper lubricants leave behind a film that actually 

WD40 in sealed bearings | Mountain Bike Reviews ForumSep 24, 2012 — After my cleaning, I spayed some WD40 onto the sealed bearings and bearings unless you can pop them out and thoroughly clean them outFix slow skateboard wheels – Scout Life magazineIt's important to use a silicone-based lubricant. WD40 or others like it will dry out your bearings and attract dust and dirt. It doesn't take much, and the excess will just spin out when you replace your shields, pop your bearings back in your wheels and start shredding. Skate safe and enjoy your new-found speed.”

Can WD 40 Clean Bearings?
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Lm11749/10 - - - - - - - Baldor-Dodge
09267-28002 140mm 210mm 69mm - - - 24028cck30/w33-qbl -
Dac25550043 - - 60mm - - - 24024ejw841c3-timken -
19150/19269 100mm 150mm - - - - 6020-2rs1/c3-skf -
1985/1931 55mm - - - - - - -
1985/1932 25mm 47mm 12mm - - - 6005-qbl -
15106/15250X 55mm - 21mm - - - 1211j-nsk -
14138/14274 75 mm 130 mm 31 mm 196 kN 30.650 kN - - -
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783/772A - - - - - 782476321390 - Baldor-Dodge

Will WD-40 ruin my skateboard's bearings? (ride, motorBut anyways, just wondering if WD-40 could be ok for my skateboard bearings. I don't think sports How to Clean Bearings | Lush Longboards UK If you can't do it right, then you will be FAR better served to not do it at all

WD-40 on bearings. Bad idea? : longboarding - RedditSep 30, 2015 — R/Longboarding, is WD-40 good for bearings, and if not then how can I get I would clean your bearings out immediately and get some bearing lube on themWd40 in skate bearings? - Be-Mag MsgboardJan 20, 2014 — I got the Amall Swiss bearings, kept em clean and used wd40. what if your bearings worth much more? also if you take them apart you can 

Can WD 40 Clean Bearings?
Lm29749 Lm29710 Timken Bearing Timken 14138a Bearing Timken 1985 Bearing Timken Wb000052 Bearing
Set34 Lm11749/10 Vkba3205 ST3579/STS3572
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15123/245 783/772A 19150/19269 18620D
Lm29748/Lm29710 14131/14276 1985/1931 925485/NP
14585/25, 14124/274 1985/1932 JW4549/JW4510
Jf7049/10 14124/274 15106/15250X -
Lm29749/Lm29710 14138A/274 - -
Lm29710 - - -
Lm501349/Lm501414 - - -

Can WD40 be Used as a Bearing Lubricant?To understand the efficacy of WD40 as a lubricant for bearings, we need to compare how the formulation of WD40 differs from common lubricants designed for Is WD-40 safe on bearings? - General Dirt Bike Discussionits good to clean them, as marquez said it is a solvent. You need to use actual grease, most manuals will say to use a lithium soap grease

can i use WD40 to clean my bearings? - General Yo-YoMay 24, 2018 — WD40 leaves a lubricating residue that is not made to withstand the speed at which the bearing spins. I don't use it and recommend you use a Will WD-40 ruin my skateboard's bearings? (formula, workBut anyways, just wondering if WD-40 could be ok for my skateboard bearings. the bearings were sealed and there was no need to clean or lubricate them. I can read your reply already, you've been doing this for Years 

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